60 cours de Vincennes 75012 PARIS

Cabinet d'Orthodontie du Dr Carine BEN YOUNES-UZAN

Orthodontiste enfants et adolescents à Paris 12 Spécialiste Qualifié ODF

60 cours de Vincennes 75012 PARIS
60 cours de Vincennes 75012 PARIS



1-Dr Ben YOUNES NB1702
1-Dr Ben YOUNES NB1702

Orthodontist, Doctor in Dental Surgery

Qualified Specialist in Dentofacial Orthopedics
Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Brussels
Graduate in Advanced Studies in Pediatric Stomatology
Former Orthodontic Consultation fellow at Robert Debré Pediatric Hospital

Perinatal and Pediatric Osteopathy Training Program in Paris

Board member of the French Society of Pediatric Orthodontics (SFOP)

Member of the office of CEPOG

Inscription to the Order n ° 45265

Additional training

1992-1994 In-depth studies in pediatric stomatology Hospital Robert Debré Paris-GERSP- Department of Professor Deffez

1993-1997 Office of Dr. Planché Paris

1994-1995 Occlusodontology consultation fellow at the Garancière - Department of Professors Darmon and Jeanmonod

1995-1996 Complete course of Dr Planas and Kanalda - Barcelona

Professional experience

1992- 2003 Pediatric orthodontic consultation fellow at Hospital Robert Debré Paris - Pf Deffez

Since 1998 Liberal Cabinet in Paris

2013 - 2019 Member of the Bureau of the Bioprogressive Society of Paris (SBR)

2016 Member of the Scientific Organizing Committee of the 5th International Congress of the SBR "Orthodontics no limit ... our limits!"

SInce 2017 Teaching at the Orthodontics DU of University of Evry

2017 - 2019 Associate Editor of the journal "Bioprogressive Orthodontics”

Since 2022, member of CEPOG Council

Member of SFOP (Société Française d’Orthodontie Pédiatrique)

Full member of the SFODF

Member of the SBR

Member of CEPOG

Member of WFO and AAO


May 2006 SFODF Brussels "Unconventional Class III Treatment"

January 2012 SBR Paris "Class III treatment by stimulating maxillary growth"

May 2013 SFODF Paris "Early and less early, non-surgical, Class III orthopedic treatment"

January 2015 Responsible for the conference of the SBR Paris: "Dare the prevention and multidisciplinary work"

-"Unconventional Approach to Functional Orthodontic Treatments

-"History of ankylosis" with Dr. Roy, pediatric and Mrs. Lambert, osteopath

Since 2014 Course for osteopaths as part of the training in Perinatal and Pediatric Osteopathy (OPP)

September 2015 AIOF Ostend "Functional treatment of maxillary insufficiency"

September 2015 International Club of Facial Morphology Genval Belgium

"Non-Surgical Therapies of Extreme Class II"

September 2016 55th International Congress of SBR "Limitations of non-surgical functional treatments of maxillary insufficiencies"

September 2016 International Club of Facial Morphology Salzburg Austria

«Ankylosis of maxillary central incisor: treatment protocol and unexpected result»

November 2016 JO Paris "Limitations of non-surgical functional treatments of maxillary insufficiencies"

October 2017 International Club of Facial Morphology La Baule "Functional treatment of maxillary insufficiencies"

November 2017 JO Paris "Maxillary transverse insufficiency : Let's treat early to avoid skeletal deformities "

January 2018 Responsible for the conference of the SBR Paris "The mini-screws 10 years after"

November 2018 Tel-Aviv University "Functional orthopedic treatment of maxillary hypoplasie"

April 2019 Osteonat Orthodontics and Osteopathy: What are the common goals? http://osteonat.com/tag/orthodontie/

October 2019 : CEPOG "Orthopedic functional treatment of class III"

May 2020 : On Facebook : Formation Docteur Carine Benyounes-Uzan "Traitement Précoce, Quand ? Pourquoi ? Comment ?"

June 2020 : Virtual congress of Société Francaise d’orthodonthe pédiatrique: Click here to see the video.

August 2020 : AAMS FIFTH CONGRESS - « Early Treatment of maxillary hypoplasie, Why? How ? » click here for more informations.

June 2021 :Osteonat "Orthodontist, osteopath: let's speak the same language"

June 20212nd Virtual Congress of the French Society of Pediatric Orthodontics "Early orthodontic treatments: when are they indisputably essential ?"

April 2022: Congress of Maxillofacial Surgeons: Orthodontics without a mask : click here for more informations

May 2022 : Froggydays - When to start froggymouth ?  Click here for more informations.

October 2022 : Congress of CEPOG : The links between Orthodontics and Osteopathy

October Reims 2023 : Meeting SBR



September 2007 French orthodontics "Unconventional treatment of classes III", accessible here.

January 2012 Journal of the SBR "Class III orthopedics and maxillary growth", accessible here.

July 2017ODF review "Closure of chewing contractions on posterior teeth", accessible here.

January 2018 Odonto-Stomatological News AOS n ° 287 "Class III treatment by stimulating maxillary growth, accessible here.

"Orthopaedic treatment of the classes III by stimulation of the growth of the jaw"

August 2018 Closing open bite by chewing on the posterior teeth
source ( https://www.jdao-journal.org/articles/odfen/abs/2017/04/odfen180088/odfen180088.html)

October 2020 : Functional treatment of transverse hypoplasia of the maxilla

Source :  https://www.innoralis.fr/fr/publications/traitement-fonctionnel-de-lhypoplasie-transversale-du-maxillaire?fbclid=IwAR2ypWKhTaPwYHp-ONZrydtGnuvrtOuScWIk4xM8VVt9Us_oX4ZRubYCiog

October-november-décember 2020 :Follow-up of a clinical case of incisor infraclusion

Ortho otherwise n ° 41

March 2020 : Functional treatment of maxillary hypoplasia and mandibular prognathism

(Source : https://oatext.com/functional-treatment-of-maxillary-hypoplasia-and-mandibular-prognathism.php)

June 2021 :Functional treatment of maxillary hypoplasia and mandibular prognathism

(Source : https://www.innoralis.fr/fr/publications/traitement-fonctionnel-des-hypoplasies-maxillaires-et-des-prognathies-mandibulaires et Ortho autrement avril-mai-juin 2021)

Dr. Benyounes-Uzan and his team receive you in a warm setting for treatments adapted to each patient.